Christian dating advice when to break up

All relationships go through bad periods where things get tough, but how do you differentiate between going through a bad time and it being time to break up.

There are ways to know when it's more than just a down moment in your dating relationship. When it seems like the two of you are arguing more than agreeing, that's a sign something is seriously wrong in your relationship.

A breakup is never easy, even if the relationship was unhealthy. Jim has to say about the breakup of a unhealthy relationship and the best way to go about it.

If the other person isn't making you happy, or you're only depressed when you're with them, there's a problem. It doesn't necessarily mean they're causing you to be depressed, but it may be that this just isn't the right relationship for you.

#1: Don’t Form Unbiblical Beliefs in Response to Your Breakup As A. Tozer said, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” Satan knows this is true, therefore he uses every opportunity to try and twist our understanding of God’s truth. If you never allow yourself to accept that you were hurt after the dating breakup, you will slow the healing process, or even miss it altogether. Depending on your personality and coping mechanisms, you might be tempted to shrug it off like it didn’t matter or hold onto the pain like a flotation device as you flounder in the sea of your tears.

For a Christian to recover after a dating relationship ends, you need to allow yourself a healthy emotional grieving time. It’s good to be emotional, but allow your emotions to be governed by wisdom and (most importantly) by the Holy Spirit.

Always go slow, prayerfully and search your heart if the person is right for you. But seriously - can you be friends after a break-up? If the bond is deep it's unlikely - it may be too painful.

Now, assuming you reached this page because you are seriously considering that you got together with the wrong person - God bless you for being so strong (as it's far easier to just stay with someone until a 'better' offer comes on the scene than to do the right thing and break it off now). Are you about to break up off or has it happened already? Don't wait one more day to ease their pain or yours. If the relationship has already ended, accept it and move on! The examples we find of people remaining friends are those who split for some time - often married couples, and relationships that involved no intimacy.

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