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After a premiere that slashed Lindsay's total number down to 23, only five nonwhite men were eliminated, making for a continued — and rare for the series — near 50-50 breakdown.

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I exercise a lot, so a little of what I fancy is OK. bring in tougher legislation to combat animal cruelty. But at the moment I’m spending more time on my Pinarello road bike, which has electric gears. I wear heels at work but prefer flat, comfy boots in my own time. cooking a lovely lunch and sitting down afterwards to watch the football on television.

I read mathematics at Oriel College and have very fond memories of my time there.

The Bachelorette, who revealed she is engaged in a rare announcement ahead of the premiere, remains tight-lipped about the man to whom she is ready to say "I do." But she did offer this tease to : He "likes sports" and has "a great smile." In a series of rapid-fire questions below, Lindsay sounded off on a few more secrets and behind-the-scenes facts of her season, which airs Mondays at 8 p.m. What was the latest time a rose ceremony wrapped while filming? Which was your favorite premiere-night limo entrance? Fill in the blank: I don’t anticipate getting through watching this season without …

Is there a workout routine you were expected to follow? My working out consisted of hand-to-plate-to-mouth. What was the most difficult part about filming this season?

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