Dating a poker player

Serving as both an educational case study and as mild entertainment, I’d like to begin with an ever-lingering debate from personal experience: Me: Enjoying that smoke? ” as you jump in your car, and head for the casino. This explanation, I’ll admit, doesn’t necessarily go over too well with our skeptical significant others.

suddenly you feel like something just doesn’t add up.

I told my mom I'd build a house out of Popsicle sticks, and move to California." He attended Pineway public middle school in North York, where the principal complained to his mother about Daniel's "poor manners or behavior" and threatened to expel him for "ignoring the school rules." While nursing dreams of a career as a professional snooker player, the then 15-year-old learned how to play poker.

By 16, he was spending time in pool halls, hustling, sports betting, and playing cards.

Makes a 9-5 office job look like a dirty weekend at a Sandals Hedonism Resort, really.

Still, love and relationships surprisingly can flourish in poker.

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