Dating fiestaware marks

If you own or plan to purchase a piece of Homer Laughlin pottery, you can date the piece by utilizing the date guidelines established by the company.

Locate any numbers, letters or trademark stamps on the bottom of the pottery or china.

The Homer Laughlin China Company was established in 1871 by Homer and Shakespeare Laughlin, two brothers who lived in East Liverpool, Ohio.

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The plant with only two kilns struggled due to a lack of capital and lack of experience.

White ware had not been produced in the area before this time.

It is said that the first batch of ware out of the kilns was cups and that when the ware cooled all the handles fell off. Their work finally paid off when in 1876 they were awarded a medal for best white ware at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Therefore, if the series of numbers says “76L,” then the piece is from 1906. The first number represents the month the piece was made.

The second number represents the year, and the fourth number represents the factory.

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