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I sat in all that goodness and I can recall those feelings (when I’m having different ones) and hope that it can be like that again.” Mc Cullough departs “GH” this week when the newly remarried Robin and Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) depart Port Charles.

Once he started dating Paloma they started turning against JT.

The KMc stans even bad mouthed Paloma for being bi-racial and saying she and JT were heavy drug users. They've also lost their minds because JT is now paired with Kelly Monaco on the show. If that's the case then don't read or post on them. I click a lot thread titles that I quickly get out of.

First is the shocking news that Kimberly was pregnant. Kimberly is notoriously private about her love life, although she has shared in the past that she dated Freddie Prinze Jr for years and has been vocal that she dodged a bullet by calling it quits with him.

But she’s been connected to dancer Christopher Scott and snowboard designer Matt Patti in recent years.

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