Is andrea kelly still dating the barber dating russian women syria

Sources close to her have said that he is a painter known around the art world for his amazing skills and picturesque paintings that are close to life like forms.Katherine also mentioned that ever since her divorce, she has been very skeptical about commitments and she will take full measure of her potential lover before fully engaging in all her future romantic endeavors. She split with her husband after she said that she and her husband had irrevocable differences between them and the only option they were left with was to end the marriage.

She now says she wants to date a person who is not from the entertainment business.She has also stated that she is open to dating people from the artistic sphere of life.She also said that although she plans to date people and enter into relationships, she is never going to get married again as it would prove to be very difficult for her children and for herself too.Andrea (short Drea) Kelly is not very lucky with the men in her life.First she marries R-Kelly, who had just had his marriage to then 15-year old Aaliyah annulled, and goes on to have three children with him.

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