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It is possible that political conservatives and the highly religious have symbolically racist notions inhibiting their willingness to interracially date.

The primary purpose of this research is to discover who is willing to interracially date with an emphasis upon possible religious and political factors.

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In 1970, only.1% of marriages were interracial marriages (Troy, Lewis-Smith, & Laurenceau, 2006).

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Over the past few decades, there has been an increase in interracial relationships.

Although overt racism has declined, many researchers believe that individuals express their negative attitude toward other races through aversive racism, personally avoiding members of other races while publicly supporting racial equality (Kleinpenning & Hagendoorn, 1993).

Aversive racism might include a public acceptance of interracial dating in general, but a personal preference for only dating within one s own race.

A national sample of internet personal advertisements indicate that political conservatism is inversely related to willingness to date regardless of race or to date Blacks while religiosity, after proper controls, is inversely related to willingness to inter- racially date at all.

There is evidence that political ideology and religiosity both effect interracial dating but in different ways.

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