My dating adventures post divorce trey ellis

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But the more I watched her, the more interesting she became (and funny!

it's Agnes, it's Agnes.''These 21st-century American men, who are accustomed to roofs over their heads, restaurants and the benefits of technology, are stripped of all modern conveniences and catapulted back to the basics,' according to the show's website.

This feature was originally published on September 21, 2009 The first decade of the new millennium (a.k.a.

Their broke, busted and disgusted relationships and somewhat all over the place lives were what kept us tuned in every Monday, and without the show, we wouldn’t have had the good years of “The Game,” (its spinoff) and positive representations of black women. She did the VERY random movie, “Labor Pains,” had a guest role on CSI as Laurence Fishburne’s ex-wife, and of course, we know she became the lead actress on the BET show, “Reed Between the Lines.” She’s also slated to be a star on a new NBC drama called “Bad Girls.” I know Diana is too proud!

If you watched the show, you know she dated her share of interesting characters (a former sex addict, a younger man who temporarily got her on drugs, an actor, so on and so forth), and her rocky relationships were what made her so easy to relate to.

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