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Please remember that these results are only preliminary and blood will still need to be collected from your arm and sent to the laboratory for full testing and a confirmatory result.

Negative – HIV antibodies were not detected in the sample.

A Sydney schoolgirl was rescued from the basement of the home of a convicted killer after the American man allegedly lured her on the social media app Snapchat to fly from Australia to the US, police say.

When NYPD officers raided the home of 39-year-old Sean Price in the New York borough of Queens last week, they allegedly discovered Price and the 16-year-old girl, from Sydney's upper north shore, hiding in the basement of the property.

For several decades, a variety of businesses have offered adult sex lines that are geared toward different interests.

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This is where these adult lines are the perfect venue for meeting all sorts of new, like-minded individuals.The quality of sexual stimulation depends on the participants’ ability to evoke vivid and arousing mental pictures in the minds of their partners.The most common Internet-sex locations are sex-chat-rooms, email, social media, websites, and instant messenger systems.Many women and men of all ages find this unique way of meeting, to be quite adventuresome, sensuous, arousing, yet safe and a lot of fun.If you are interested in hooking up, with someone who has specific characteristics that you find appealing, there is a sexy telephone service out there for you.

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