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Before they were a couple, Caryn worked as the farm manager at Roloff Farms, the pumpkin farm outside of Portland where the reality TV family both lives and works.Presumably, she had a pretty good relationship with Amy before she started dating Matt. Oh hey, there’s a good show about babies on PBS called “Call the Midwife” – I highly recommend! Matt searches for his sacred crib and yells for Ryan to help, and now another montage as the ratty old crib that in theory Matt used is found but…. And without any clever, amusing British midwives or nuns. Matt continues to harp on how Amy finally let him meet Chris. Zach and Jeremy and Mueller are wandering around the farm. Matt wanders in to the work barn aka the men’s crisis center and rants he wants to find his own crib.Date made the offer to the "Little People, Big World" star after news broke he separated from his wife. It's where Bill and Jen Arnold, from "The Little Couple," first connected ... If Matt rejects the offer, they'll reach out to Amy, which we're guessing won't go over well. Matt -- who's like the George Clooney of little people -- has a deal on the table to become the official spokesperson. Things are looking up for newly separated Matt Roloff ...a dating company catering to little people wants to plaster his adorable face on its website and in return help him score a fresh piece for himself.

Nowadays, their life looks pretty different — they just became grandparents for the first time with the birth of Zach’s baby boy Jackson, and the pair announced their separation last year after more than 30 years of marriage.

Zach Roloff is also seen talking to his mom, Amy, about his thoughts on this situation.

Zach doesn’t want his child to go through something like that in the future.

Their parents, Amy and Matt Roloff, couldn’t be more delighted.

[Related: 6 Things Every ‘Little People, Big World’ Roloff Family Fan Needs] That said, things between the recently divorced Amy and Matt don’t always run smoothly — especially when their professional and personal lives collide.

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